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Lakes in Agra

Lakes in Agra are the best escape from the hurly-burly of the city. There are not many of them, but the two lakes in Agra that are the prime tourist spots of the city. They are easy reach from the city central. If you love flora and fauna and want to run away from the concrete jungle, theses Agra lakes will make your dream come true. Just check out the accessibility and interesting features of lakes of Agra:

  • Keetham Lake

Keetham Lake is a beautiful lake just outside the City of Agra. Take a quick drive from the City central and you will find this exquisite lake on the Agra-Delhi Highway. A wide diversity of fish and water-birds can be observed from here. The lake is also known as Sur Sarovar. The lake is best suit for a one-day outing.

  • Accessibility

The Sur Sarovar, which is the only noteworthy amongst all the lakes in Chandigarh, has an immense importance in the city’s tourism scenario. It is visited many times by the travelers and the local people as well. Keetham Lake is 20 kilometers from Agra and just 12 kilometers far from Sikandra. The place is marked as a National Bird Sanctuary since 1991. Sur Sarovar is well-fed by the gushing river Yamuna.

  • Type of weather

The Keetham or Sur Sarovar Lake of Agra falls into the typical climatic zone of Uttar Pradesh. To illustrate, the summers are hot and windy over here. The most peculiar thing about the Sur Sarovar Lake is the minimum temperature here is 1.5 c and the maximum temperature is 49 C. the winters are tremendous cold over here. From July to September, the monsoon washes the greenery increases the water-level of the lake.

  • Geological measurement

The lake covers an area of 7.13 sq kilometers. The Sur Sarovar Lake which is considered as one of the most attractive lakes in Agra and Uttar Pradesh is pentagonal in form. The islands of the lake are artificially created to provide shelter to the migratory birds and other animals. These islands maintain the ecological balance of the area.

  • Flora and Fauna

The Sur Sarovar o r Keetham lake houses more than 100 species of land band aqua plants and the migratory birds that choose the place for their winter-stay, ranges to 106 species altogether. The uncontaminated water of the lake in Agra helps well the flowers and plants to grow. Apart from these plants, there is a wide variety of itinerant birds that flying every year to the lake in Agra. These birds are:

  1. Cormorants
  2. Little Gerbs
  3. Darter
  4. Purple Heron
  5. Paddy Bird
  6. Large Egrets
  7. Cattle Egrets
  8. Little Egrets
  9. Smaller Egrets
  10. Indian Reef Heron
  11. Night Heron
  12. white Ibis
  13. Black necked Stork
  14. Graying Goose
  15. Spon Bill
  16. Lesser Whistling Teal
  17. Bar headed Goose
  18. Pintail
  19. Ruddy Shelduck
  20. Spot Billed Duck
  21. Common Teal
  22. Shoveler
  23. Gadwall
  24. Wigeon
  25. Comb Duck
  • Later development

Several initiatives from the government to renovate and beautify have resulted in the lake becoming one of the most sought-after lakes in Agra as well as the whole state. The eurybathyic lakes near the main lake that provides shelter for many migratory birds.