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Travel and tourism in Agra

Travel and tourism in Agra is a natural phenomenon as the whole city is a hub for history and culture. Once you have touched the soil of Agra, you will easily feel the ambience. The buildings, the monuments, the allies and broadways and even the people of Agra will tell you where is the city distinguished and different from other cities of India. Agra reached its heights during the Mughal and Sultan era and Agra today bears all the evidences. However, history and ethnicity alone can not promote a city as a prime tourist spot without proper initiatives taken by the government. The Government of India has played the role of a positive catalyst in promoting Agra travel and tourism.

  • How to Reach Agra

Being a prime city of the north Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, Agra is easily accessible via airway, roadway and railway.

  • By Airway

Agra airport enjoys its propinquity to the city central. You will have to drive 7 kilometers from the airport to reach the City central. The domestic airport connects the city to other prime cities of India.

  • By Railway

Railway takes a significant role in promoting travel and tourism in Agra. There are many trains to Agra running from all other corners of the country. Agra Station is commonly known as Agra Cantonment.

  • By Roadway

Agra is 204 kilometers from Delhi, the heart of India and it will take 4 hours to drive from Delhi to Agra. If you come by bus, you are most likely to reach either Agra Fort Terminus or Idgah Bus Terminus. You will also find Volvo coaches, taxis and other vehicles.

  • What to See in Agra

Agra is all about sightseeing. The monuments in Agra are the best attractions of travel and tourism in Agra. Mughal artifacts and mansions are tantamount with the historic city of Agra. From tee-total tombs like Akbar’s catacomb in Sikandra from one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal, all these historical places have dotted up the tourist map of India. The list is really endless. The most prominent tourist spots are Buland Darwaja and Jami Masjid in Fatehpur, the Agra Fort at the nerve center of the city. If you just go by this article, you are most likely to miss many marvels as there are numerous small and medium sized attractions scattered here and there that have taken a great role making popular travel and tourism in Agra. But the most interesting is undoubtedly The Taj Mahal. It is agnate to the city of Agra. The Agra Fort is also a must-visit.

  • Where to Stay in Agra

Agra has myriad economical options for you to stay. The hotels of Agra are the great players of travel and tourism in Agra. If you want to go on your pockets, you can stay in Dayal Lodge, Col Lamba Indian home Stay, Hotel Jaiwal, Hotel Kamal, Hotel Neel Kanth, Saniya Palace or Shanti lodge. If you are ready to spend a few more bucks, stay in Mandakini Villas, Hotel Raj or Laurie’s Hotel. Lastly, if you want all the world-class amenities, you may visit ITC Mughal, Trident Hotel or Oberoi Amarvillas.