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Agra Shopping Guide

For those who think that the magnificent city of Agra is just restricted to monuments, forts, palaces and mausoleums can think again. Agra is known not only for its architectural wonders but also for its traditional shopping centers and bazaars. If shopping and splurging is what excites you then the sky is the limit in Agra. Abound in markets and shopping areas Agra is home to some of the finest handicrafts and artifacts markets. If you enjoy handmade handicrafts and embroidered garments then Agra is the ideal destination. Infested with markets, retail outlets, department stores, local bazaars and government emporiums the atmosphere for shopping in Agra is just apt.

One of the largest markets in the country for embroidery and textiles Agra employs a number of women who are well versed with the fine arts of embroidery. Most of the exclusively embroidered dressed in India come from Lucknow and Agra. Agra is also a favorable home to many Sculptors, artisans, jewelers, painters, embroiderers, carpet makers, weavers, musicians and metal workers, who come to Agra to offer their talents.

Most of the major shopping centers in Agra are situated near the Taj Mahal complex. These areas include Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar and Munro Road. The Sadar, Kinari and Munro bazaars are open markets that shelter numerous shops which are absolutely stacked with goods. The Sadar Bazaar is known for its exclusive range of ethnic clothing, footwear and accessories. The Kinari Bazaar offers a wide choice of handicrafts under one roof. Apart from offering some of the most exotic handicrafts this market also has a great variety of marble, brassware, rugs, leather items and textiles at reasonable prices. The Kinari Bazaar however is a lady’s delight as it provides the latest garments, jewelry, footwear and accessories that are currently in fashion. All the above mentioned markets are inexpensive can provide umpteen options for bargaining. If you have the knack for bargaining then Agra is paradise for you.

Apart from the above mentioned markets Agra also offers numerous retail stores that display a host of handicrafts on sale, directly by the artisans themselves. If you want to shop for small and pretty souvenirs especially small Taj Mahal models then the U.P Handlooms and UPICA at Sanjay Place on M.G. Road are the best venues. You can also purchase the finest of carpets, durries, textiles and sandalwood in Agra. There are many big showrooms and you can also opt for various government-run handicraft shops to shop for these items. Hand made leather items are also popular and most tourists love to buy them while shopping in Agra. Enjoy shopping in Agra with Taj Mahal Agra.