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Places to Shop in Agra

Shopping in Agra is another way to know deep-down the historical city. Agra was the nerve center of handicrafts during the Mughal epoch and even today, the city will welcome you with the most fabulous handicrafts. Hand made items are extremely popular in Agra. But if just want to pick up your favorite brand from the wide array of options, you can do it easy. The snobbish shopping malls of Agra are also good places to shop in Agra. Shop until you get tired and grab home a handful of items that you craved for long. Want a virtual tour? Dive in.

Agra Handicraft Industries

Agra handicraft Industries is one of the best places to shop in Agra if you are keen on handicrafts. The building of Agra Handicraft Industries will welcome you with a wide assortment of options. If you want to know deep the handiworks of Agra, discover the real Agra, this place should top your list. Expert artisans from all around the state and the country contribute their marvel here. Agra Handicraft Industries is also an integral part of shopping ion Agra as the marketplace restores and showcases many extinct objet d'arts. You can find jewelry, garments and gifts over here.

Agra Marble Shoppy

Agra Marble Shoppy is one the best places to shop in Agra. Situated near the Taj restaurant-cum-bar, the place proffers the exquisite marble fro which Agra is so famous now. You can find the rarest collections o f marbles here. These marbles are used for interior decorating and many other causes. Please keep in mind that The Great Taj Mahal was built of marble and Agra Marble Shoppy brings the finest marble for your buy. You can also observe the whole procedure how a raw marble is shaped to an artifact. Prices start from 10 USD and if you are prepared to spend a lot, you will be getting pieces that are really enviable items. Buy gifts for your near and dear ones from here as the marble relics can be worth presenting.

Bipin Handicrafts

Bipin Handicrafts is one of the prime consigners of stones, marbles and picture frames. The place to shop in Agra enjoys its proximity to the city center. Bipin Handicrafts will offer you a extensive range of gift items, jewelry and interior ornaments to pretty up you home and office. Plunge in the yearlong festivity to find out the best deal for you. Craftsmen and originators who are extremely skilled and blessed by the inheritance produce these marvels that are worth collectable.

Akbar International

Akbar International is one of the major places to shop in Agra. The shopping plaza will gift you all that you have yearned fro since you heard about Agra. Named after the former Mughal King, the shopping plaza will drive the covetous you from yourself. You will just lose yourself in the ambience for sure. From paper weights to table tops, from ash trays to boxes, all are available here.

Bandejjia and Brothers

Bandejjia and Brothers is yet another shopping option in Agra. The place is always well-stocked with carpets, rugs and other furnishings. This is one of the most sought-after places to shop in Agra.