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Shopping in Agra

Shopping in Agra is really multifaceted. You can take pleasure in the roadside stalls or visit the snobbish malls to grab your favorite brand or you can simply switch on your laptop, connect to the internet and go for online shopping. Agra is a historic city and there are three heritage sites in the city of Agra. During Mughal era, the city reached its incredible height and the arts and crafts became a cultural trend in the city of Agra. In today’s Agra which is a city with modernity you can find easily the many handicrafts that are the very own pride of the city and the state of Uttar Pradesh. Everything from marble tabletops to soft stone lay work is available on the Agra Streets. In fact, shopping in Agra remains incomplete if you don’t purchase the local handiworks. The hands made leather items are also very popular in Agra.

  • What to shop in Agra

Agra is mainly popular for the jewelry and garments. Be cautious all the through as the most of these jewels are counterfeit and they are not worth that the shopkeepers will demand from you. But it is sure that I f you have a good eye for authentic jewelry, you win it all. There are real good gems as well. Make a budget first at the shopping in Agra will provoke you to buy more, spend more shop more every time.

  • Roadside Shopping in Agra

Some of the best roadside places for shopping in Agra are Sadar Bazaar, Taj Ganj, Kinari Bazaar, Munro Road, Pratap Pura and Gwalior Road. All of these shopping joints of Agra are conveniently located, either very near to the City Central or perfectly situated at the focal point o f the city. You will find the choicest garments and jewelry and the handicrafts over here. The miniature Taj Mahal and many bonsai forms of celebrated mansions are the most popular among the tourists. You may give these a try. This shopping trend is no t a modern day story altogether but it received encouraging words and actions from the Mughal emperors especially from Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal King and Nur Jahan, wife of Jahangir, another Mughal king.

  • Shopping Malls in Agra

You can also visit the world-class shopping malls in Agra. Revitalize your shopping binge with visiting the Agra shopping malls. Omaxe Wedding Mall is one of the most important shopping malls in Agra. Spread over a huge cut of land, the mall has a fabulous food court inside and provides a banquet hall for wedding and other ceremonies. There is also a gigantic parking lo t for your better convenience. The TDI Mall in Agra I s another hub for shopping in Agra. It is located near Taj Mahal and houses some best brands of the world and the country. The multi-screen experience is really enjoyable here. Ashok Cosmos Mall is a first-rate shopping mall in Agra. The Pacific Taj Mall is another great shopping mall of Agra that inspires shopping in Agra. There are separate entertainment zones and restaurants for your ultimate rapture.