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Four Star Hotels in Agra

Agra is a favorite destination for many travelers and history students of the world. The city tourism is largely indebted to the Mughal era monuments and mansions that are dotted on the map of Agra. You can easily describe these monuments, catacombs and manors in every part of the city. The list includes eminent names like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri etc. To ensure your luxury during a tour to this historic city of Agra, the four star hotels of Agra have all the world-class arrangements. The Agra four star hotels are conveniently located and offer you the home away from your home, your dream comes perfectly materialized. Just check the list of four star hotels in Agra for further reference.

  • Howard Park Plaza

Howard Park Plaza is a four-star hotel of Agra which gets pleasure from its proximity to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. 86 well-appointed rooms, all furnished and prettied up to the finest. The place is just 1.5 kilometers far from the Taj Mahal and you can take a rooftop look at the mausoleum, a view that can’t be described in words. Choose a full moon night if you want to experience the Seventh Heaven on earth.

The roof-top bistro of the premier four star hotel of Agra, Howard Park Plaza is a world-class dining space. You will find the wonderful skyline of Agra with all the minarets and monuments from here only. Downing Street is the name of the in-house bar that is a well-stocked one. If you want to drink like royal people, do visit this one. You will be captivated. The swimming pool, fitness center, tea and coffee maker and the most important, the hospitality will enthrall you.

  • Hotel Yamunaview

Hotel Yamunaview is considered as one of the most famous four star hotels in Agra. The hotel is well within the reach of the favorite hubs of the city. Plus I t offers top-notch facilities, food and beverage to its boarders. All these features combined, the hotel has become one of the most sought-after four star hotels in Agra. The hotel is also an easy reach from the airport and the railway station.

There are 58 rooms in total that are decked out with artifacts created by legendary artisans. The combination of room wall colors and the furniture offers mirrors the aristocratic taste of the Agra four star hotels. All the 58 rooms are well-appointed with the modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, tea and coffee maker, doctor-on-call facility. Take the benefit of the travel desk and the currency exchanger available here.

  • Hotel Raj Mahal

Hotel Raj Mahal is undoubtedly one of the paramount four star hotels in Agra. Conveniently located at Sanjoy Place of Central Agra, the hotel is a great place to stay. You can easily get to the Agra four star hotel from the airport or the railway station as there are easy kilometers to cover.

Hotel Raj Mahal, serving the business and leisure travelers for year has emerged as one of the top five four star hotels in Agra rapidly. The bistros of the hotel serve lip-smacking dishes.