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Cafes and Coffees in Agra

Cafes and coffees in Agra are the dens of intellectuals, students and educationalist. These cafes are often visited by love-birds and bureaucrats. The cafes and coffees in Agra are visited by different people of different fields. But the quintessence of these snack bars remains the same as all of them serves to the interest of brunette drink lovers. These places are great places for gossiping, discussing, creating music and the birthplace of many poems and stories created by the city authors. Let’s check out the list of cafes in Agra.

Java Green

Java Green is a well-known chain of cafes in India. The have extended their reach and goodwill to the historic city of Agra as well. The coffee bar offers a really wide range of hot and cold coffees and their exclusive blend of coffee has earned rave reviews from all corner of the city. It is located at Sanjay Place of Agra.

Café Coffee Day

Café coffee day is a class in itself amongst all the cafes and coffees of India. It has also opened its outlet in Agra and has become a premier coffee shop in Agra. You can loosen up yourself at this snack bar while taking a classical sip from the good old drink. Café coffee Day is also popular for serving yummy snacks.


Bansuri is a coffee shop in Agra which is a must-go for the ex post facto people. Those who just love to kill time with dim music and steamed coffee, Bansuri is a best place for them. The espresso bar offers a traditional ambience. It is basically an insider café of Hotel Clark Shiraz which is conveniently located on Taj Road.

Pavilion Café

Pavilion Café is a favorite coffee shop for all Agra aficionados. It is open round the clock and offers a vast range of auburn drinks, all served hot for your taste and health. Not only that, the Agra coffee shopped also serves a broad range of authentic cuisines. You can use your fingers to take the Indian foodstuff to your snooping tongue or you can take help of a spoon and a fork to make the most out of the continental dishes. Coffee is a big plus.


Aashiyana is a one of the select few coffees and cafes in Agra that will give you that personal corner that you long yearned for. You beside the adjacent swimming pool can rollick the hot coffee with various yummy dishes.

Ripples Coffee Shop

Ripples Coffee Shop is one of the fines cafes and coffees in Agra city. The ambience filled up with tranquility and the café au lait together will make your stay pleasant at this café of Agra. It’s a coterie; the café serves primarily to the boarders. But it has also extended its reach to the occasional visitors. Take the Fatehabad Road and reach the Taj Ganj café to sip dip.

The Café Coffee Shop

Te 24 hour coffee shop of Agra is a built-in snack bar of Pushp Villa. They serve sizzling coffee and delectable dishes side-by-side.