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Airport Hotels in Agra

Airport hotels in Agra are within the vicinity of not only the airstrip but also other prime joints of the city. These Agra airport hotels literally welcome the tourists to the city. Before getting to the city heart, they drop their luggage here, get refreshed from the jet lag and get out knowing the historic city. These hotels are very popular among all the domestic and foreign travelers who come to the city of Agra via airway. Agra is known to the world for The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The city is one of the major cosmopolitan cities of the country and these airport hotels of Agra have fused well with this multi-ethnicity. Let’s check out the features of the top airport hotel of Agra:

Hotel Agra Ashok

Hotel Agra Ashok is the gifts you the traditional feel of the city of Agra. Set on a vast cut of land, in figures 60,000 square feet, the hotel offers spacious accommodation coupled with world-class hospitality. The hotel is more like a landmark within the environs of the City Airport than a regular hotel. The hotel is set amidst lush green and this amalgamation of urbane features and the natural green has made it a preference for many. For the most judicious people, this is the best option. This is basically one of the reasons why the hotel is considered as the best of all the airport hotels in Agra.

The hotel has been serving the national and international travelers to Agra with repute for decades. It has blended well the famous Indian generosity and the avant-garde facilities. There are three spacious air-conditioned rooms and two large deluxe suites amidst 58 of them for your royal stay. These rooms and suites are to be found near the spontaneous swimming pool and the debonair walkways and gardens. The myriad waterways and the swimming pool at the center of the huge compound make the Agra Airport Hotel a cloud nine for you. The hotel keeps top-notch facilities and the ethnicity of the Taj Mahal city intact and merged with each other. The hotel gratifies different tastes and pockets effectively as all the plan s of the hotels are custom-made to fit each single taste. the western-style infrastructure and the Indian dishes, interior decoration and colors will make your stay a splendid one.

Back in 1984, the hotel was set up by the minister of the state, Khursheed Alam. This was basically a part of the Crown of India Tourism development Plan taken b the government at that time. Since then, the hotel near Agra Airport has taken a leading role in the state’s travel ad tourism scenario. Recently the hotel has been named Yamuna View Hotel though anyone you ask about hotel Agra Ashok, you will be rightly directed to one of best hotels near Agra airport. Later in 1990s, the rooms and suites of the hotel were renovated and now these rooms and suites are pride of this hotel. The in-house eateries serve multi-cuisine that can please your taste buds and stimulate our enzymes. So tighten our seat belt if your flight is about to touch Agra, get through the formalities and dive in one of the best airport hotels in Agra, Hotel Agra Ashok.