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Health and Fitness in Agra

Health and Fitness in Agra

Health and fitness is a major issue that at present concerns us all. In this fast paced, stress-filled life, everyone should maintain the basics of health and fitness if he wishes to lead a disease free life. As it is rightly said that “prevention is always better than cure”, so spending some time taking care of our health and fitness, is always preferred than paying repeated visit to the doctors.

The health and fitness in Agra is facilitated by the well maintained infrastructure that include government and private hospitals, nursing homes and dispensaries, 24 hour chemists, blood banks, diagnostic centres, etc. There are 7 government hospitals and about 15 nursing homes within the city. The 56 “Primary Health Care Centers” in Agra is meant for the rural people. Besides, Agra also houses several health clubs and fitness centres, dotted all across the region.

Here is a list of some of the major and finest hospitals, blood banks, 24 hour chemists, health clubs, doctors etc that has helped considerably in the growth and development of Agra health and fitness sector.


  1. Apollo Pankaj Hospital
  2. Pareek Hospital and Research Centre
  3. Shanti Ved Hospital
  4. Ram Raghu Hospital
  5. Shree Krishna Nursing & Maternity Home
  6. Sundrani Charitable Eye Hospital Samiti
  7. Agra Child Care & Research Centre
  8. Malhotra Nursing & Maternity Home (P) Ltd.
  9. S.N Medical College & Hospital
  10. Amit Jaggi Memorial Hospital
  11. Mental Hospital
  12. National Jalma Institute of Leprosy and Other Mycrobacterial Diseases
  13. Kamayani Hospital
  14. Guru Ka Taal, Sikandra
  15. Arun Child Hospital
  16. Cantonment Hospital
  17. Anand Mangal Hospital
  18. Dhawan Hospital
  19. District Hospital
  20. Malhotra Hospital
  21. Lady Lyall Hospital
  22. Heerashree Hospital
  23. T.B. Hospital
  24. Upadhyay Hospital
  25. Abhay Fracture & Orthopaedic Hospital

Blood Banks

  1. Goyal Blood Bank
  2. Amit Jaggi Memorial Hospital (Blood Bank)
  3. Agra City Blood Bank
  4. Life Line Blood Bank
  5. Apollo Pankaj Hospital (Blood Bank)
  6. S.N. Medical (Blood Bank)
  7. Samarpan Blood Bank

24 hour chemists

  1. Sharma Medical Store
  2. Shree Balaji Chemist
  3. Alka Medico & Surgico
  4. National Medical Stores
  5. Garg Homeopathic Store
  6. Kaka Medical Store
  7. Chacha Ji Medical Store
  8. Arun Chemist
  9. Bharat Medical Store
  10. Manoj Chemist
  11. Modern Chemists
  12. Reliable Chemist
  13. Raj Chemist

Diagnostic centers

  1. Scientific Pathology Lab
  2. Om Sai Pathology Centre
  3. Geetika Diagnostic Pathology
  4. Agra X-Ray & Pathology Centre
  5. Bharat X-Ray & Pathology Centre
  6. Sharma X-Ray
  7. Modern Pathology Centre
  8. Aggarwal Computer Pathology & X Ray Centre
  9. Dhawan Diagnostic Pathology Lab
  10. Agarwal Diagnostic Centre
  11. Niriksha Pathology Centre
  12. Pathology Lab

  14. City Medical Centre


The doctors in Agra are numerous and can be classified into Gynaecologist & Obstetricians, ENT, Dermatologists, Dentists, Orthopaedic Doctors, Gastroenterologists, Eye Specialists, General Physicians, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Homeopathic Doctors, Cardiologists, Urologists, Physiotherapists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Endocrinologists, Neurosurgeons and many more.

Health Clubs

  1. Pretty Woman Fitness and SPA
  2. Ayurved Chikitsa Kendra
  3. Sansha Ayurvedic Health Spa
  4. Body Perfect
  5. VLCC
  6. Health and Perfect Figure Centre (HPFC)
  7. Blossoms
  8. Slim N Shape
  9. Agra Fitness Point
  10. Fitness Shoppe
  11. Master Builders
  12. Amold Health Club
  13. Barco Health & Beauty Clinic
  14. Anand Health Club
  15. Bharat Gym
  16. Bhalla Gym Eqpt
  17. Body Rock Health Club
  18. Bhayyans Gym
  19. Buntys Gym
  20. Body Temple
  21. Fizik Fitness
  22. Dr Bansal Fitness & Physiotheraphy Center
  23. Gargi Nursing Home
  24. Friends Health Club
  25. Health Point
  26. Hercules Health Club
  27. Innovative Cure
  28. Gold Gym
  29. Ladies Slim Quick & Pain Clinic
  30. Jeet Health Club
  31. Muscies & Fitness
  32. Max Muscles
  33. Muscles & Fitness
  34. Muscle Mania
  35. Nirajan Swimming Club B
  36. N S Health Club
  37. Pleasure Zone Health Club
  38. Olympic Gym
  39. Royal Gymco
  40. Singh Fitness Centre
  41. Royal Health Club
  42. Shape (The Fitness Club)
  43. Slimming & Beautyfor Men & Women
  44. Sun Hindustan Health Club
  45. Singh Fittings Centre
  46. Slimine
  47. Universal Gym
  48. Tanvis Spa
  49. Tirupati Clum
  50. Yoga & Meditation