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Weather and Climate in Agra

Weather and Climate in Agra

Located on Gangetic plain, Agra has a semiarid climate. The weather and climate in Agra is characterized by great variations. Hot summers, heavy monsoons and cold winters characterize the various seasons in Agra. Having a tropical and extreme type of climate, the seasons in Agra can be broadly divided into three.

The summer season extending from the month of April to June is typified by humid and extreme hot climate in Agra with dry wind prevailing. The maximum temperatures during this period can rise up to 45 degree Celsius.

The month of July marks the commencement of monsoons in Agra, which last almost till October. The rainy season comes as a relief from the hot summers, to the people of Agra. Heavy rainfall is received b the city of Agra during the monsoons.

Winters in Agra stays from November till the month of March. The weather in Agra during the winter months is foggy and cold. The winter temperature in the morning is at about 14 degree Celsius although the temperature at night may go below the freezing point.

Now let us check the weather and climate in Agra during the various months of the year:

January: One of the coolest months of the year in Agra is January with temperatures ranging between -2 to 31°C.

February: The month of February is moderately cold with temperatures ranging in between -1 to 35°C. While the mornings are warm, night temperatures may sometimes drop down to zero

March: March experiences a pleasant and comfortable weather with temperatures varying from 6 to 43°C.

April: The temperature is around 11 to 45°C with warm days.

May: The month of May experiences a moderately hot climate with the minimum temperature of 16°C and maximum temperature of 48°C.

June: The climate in Agra in June is very hot with temperatures in between 18 to 48°C. It is recommended that you avoid the heat strokes in this weather.

July: July is extremely hot. Temperature fluctuates from 22 to 47°C. Mid July witnesses the beginning of the monsoons in the city.

August: August has a moderately hot weather. Temperatures remain between 21 to 42°C. Intermittent showers bring some relief by making the atmosphere little cool.

September: Temperatures stay between 17 to 40°C. Agra experiences a warm climate with irregular showers of rain.

October: The month of October enjoys a pleasing climate. Average temperature is about 9 to 41°C.

November: It is fairly cold in Agra during the month of November. While the minimum temperature is 2°C, the maximum temperature is 36°C.

December: December is extremely cold with temperature going down to even 0. The maximum temperature rises to 30°C. Warm days and chilly nights characterizes the month of December, in Agra.

The best time to stopover Agra is in the months of October to March. During this time the weather and climate in Agra is comfortable and pleasant and ideal to visit the city. It is recommended that you avoid visiting the city in the summer season.