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Stadiums in Agra

The enthusiastic city of Agra is home to numerous enthusiastic and energetic youth. Sports’ being a popular form of recreation in the city, Agra is home to some of the most famous stadiums. People enjoy all kinds of sports in Agra be it indoor or out door. The most common outdoor games played in Agra include cricket, football, golf, tennis and badminton.

Most of the stadiums in Agra are ideal venues for outdoor sports, concerts and other events. Built in state of the art infrastructure the stadiums in Agra are comparable to the best sports grounds in the country. With the continuous impetus provided by the government of Uttar Pradesh the importance of sports in the city is increasing by the day.

Below is a list of the important stadiums in Agra

  • Eklavya Sports Stadium, Agra
  • Sadar Bazar Stadium, Agra
  • Tourist Bureau Stadium

Eklavya Sports Stadium, Agra

Eklavya Sports Stadium in Agra is situated in the heart of the city. Known as one of the most poular sports grounds in Agra this stadium is almost an all-purpose sports ground. Apart from the sports events like cricket and football matches, the Eklavya Sports Stadium also hosts entertainment events. A number of concerts by the famous musicians, singers and other performers have been held here in the past. The seating capacity of the stadium is huge with a number of galleries and gates. Crowded on the occasions of matches this stadium is also used as a popular fitness center by most of the youth in the city. Some of the cricket matches played on this stadium in Agra includes Vijay Merchant Trophy, Cooch Behar Trophy, Hero Honda Womens World Cup, CK Nayudu Trophy, Uttar Pradesh Under 19 etc.

Sadar Bazar Stadium, Agra

The Sadar Bazar Stadium is situated in the Sadar Bazar area of Agra. Built in the early 90’s this sports stadium has hosted a number of Ranji Trophy matches between 1934 – 1986. Sprawling over acres of grassy land this stadium in Agra is a paradise for sports lovers. The stadium has undergone numerous renovations and restorations since its establishment only to make it more appealing and attractive. The facilities at the Sadar Bazar Stadium include a fully air-conditioned main indoor arena with a large seating capacity. Also, the stadium is well equipped with intricate audio and lighting systems, making it adequate for colored television transmission.

Tourist Bureau Stadium

This Tourist Bureau Stadium is another major stadium in Agra. Situated close to the Idgah bus stand this stadium is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Apart from hosting numerous inter city and state cricket matches this sports ground is also popular for a number of events and functions that are held by different schools and colleges. One of the most upcoming sports complexes in the city the Tourist Bureau Stadium in Agra was built to promote sports amongst the youth of the city.