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Libraries in Agra

There are not so many libraries in Agra. But the fewer libraries of the historic city well slake the thirst of the bookworms of the city. These libraries are of different types like Music Library, Book Library etc but the book libraries of Agra are the most popular. The B R Ambedkar University is the best option for the book lovers, but there are also eminent public libraries in Agra.

  • B R Ambedkar University Library

Like every elite university of the country, Dr B R Ambedkar University also has a Central Library. It is located at Paliwal Park and the students of the University use this library for study and research though there is one library in each department. The library in Agra ha s the following sections:

Acquisition Section

The Acquisition Section is meant for obtaining books easily. The Central Library has 171,828 books and that books can be obtained from here only. The books are categorized for better convenience of the students and they can be collected from different sections o f the library.

Technical Section

After acquiring any technical document, you can take your book to the technical section where the books are pigeonholed according to different sections’ requirement.

Periodical Section

A Periodical Section is also an integral part of the library that are meant for the students of higher studies and research scholars. The section is a subscriber of 50 world-famous journals and many other bulletins reach the section from India or overseas after regular intervals.

Research and Reference Section

The research and reference section is dedicated for this type of work. This section is all open t the university-ites and students fr5om other universities as well. There are standard reference works arranged properly on the shelves.

Reprographic Section

If you want a photocopy of the page that you need of a particular book, it can be done easily at this section o f one of the best libraraies in Agra. The cost is minimal.

Public library Section Facilities

Though the Central Library is primarily dedicated to the students of the University only, it ha s provisions for outside membership as well. The initiative was taken in 1998 and executed thereafter. The four-storey building o f the library houses below mention ed facilities like:

Over 170,000 books
Over 11,000 doctoral theses
50 subscribed journals etc.

There are also other libraraies in Agra which are equally important.

  • Nagar Nigam Library

It’s located near Gokulpara Post Office of Agra. It has a rare collection of books and you will get all types of fact and fiction books over here.

  • Jais Public Library

Situated at Palibal park of Agra, the public library is one of the most popular libraries in Agra. They have all types of books ranging from Children’s Books to Medical Journals.

  • Government District Library

This is the government library housed close to GIC Campus. The place is very popular for its environment.

  • Rajashree Music Library

Situated at Kamala Nagar, this is one of the trendiest libraries of Agra that experiences many footfalls everyday.