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Art galleries in Agra

Art galleries in Agra

Dipped in art and architecture the beautiful city of Agra is one of the best specimens of art and architecture in the country. Being the home of some of the most splendid architectural monument it is but obvious that the lineage left behind by the Mughal rulers will be carried forward in some way or the other.

Most of the art galleries in Agra are a place for exhibition of Visual Art, Paintings, Photographs, Illustrations, Applied Art, Sculptures, Music Concerts & Poetry readings. Since the city has a long and strong historical significance be it in the field of art, architecture, sculpture or poetry the museums and art galleries are filled with some of the best works ever produced.

The splendid city of Agra boasts of some of the finest museums and art galleries in India. Although the city does not offer too may art galleries and museums, it houses two of the best places of art and artifacts in the country, namely the Spiritual Museum and the Taj Mahal Museum. Filled with antiquities and artifacts these two art galleries and museums celebrate Agra's most notable and historic past.

The Taj Mahal museum set just beside the Taj Mahal itself owns a wealth of local treasures of the Mughal era. This museum is home to some of the original drawings and detailed plans of the layout of the Taj Mahal. Some of the highlights of this museum include precious gems and stones, along with historic artifacts.

A peaceful place for the lover of arts is the Spiritual Museum in Agra. If peace along with spirituality is what you are in search off then this is the place for you. Built in close proximity to the Taj Mahal this monument provides splendid views of the grandeur of the Taj Mahal. This art gallery in Agra is characterized with local religious treasures. Spreading over acres of serene and calm land this art gallery is based on the theme of man’s quest for spirituality and enlightenment. There are also numerous works of arts from the house of the Mughals.

Below is a list of the important Art galleries in Agra

  • Amin art gallery
    Fatehabad Road, opp Hotel Howard
    park Plaza, Agra,
    Uttar Pradesh 282001
    Phone: 0562 4001812 0562 4051429
    09319121144 (Mobile)
  • The Art Gallery
    16, Handicrafts Nagar,
    Opposite Hotel Atithi, Fatehabad Road,
    Fatehabad Road, Agra,
    Uttar Pradesh 282001
    Phone: 0562 2331110
  • Priyanka Kitchen Gallery
    E-5, Kamla Nagar (Near Hotel Anjuman),
    Bye Pass Road, Agra,
    Uttar Pradesh 282005
    Phone:0562 2880137
  • U. P. Craft & Art Gallery
    Opposite Hotel Taj Khema,
    Eastern Gate Taj Mahal, Agra,
    Tajganj, Agra,
    Uttar Pradesh 282001
    Phone:0562 2334100
  • Marble Art Gallery
    28/30, Gokul Pura, Gokul Pura,
    Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282002
    Phone:0562 2856966
  • Mughal Art Palace
    15/43-B, Fatehabad Road, Tajganj,
    Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001
    Phone:0562 4006014