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Adventure sports in Agra

Agra is not popular as an adventure sports hub. Perhaps the historical significance of the city has gifted the city a type of virginity. The city stands alone with its own mosaic of culture and ethnicity. Travel and tourism in Agra has flourished with the illustrious mansions and catacombs clustered here. Its not that the city people do not like adventure sports but adventure sports in Agra is not a mainstream activity. The only adventure sports option that has distinguished the city from others is golf. The lush green of the city takes the shape of a golf course that attracts thousands of golfers every year to the city. The ambience is ecstatic and the golf course is green enough to let you hit the ball with the perfect aim. Let’s check out the solitary option for adventure sports in Agra:

Agra Golf Club

Agra golf Club offers you a vast green cut of land where you can play your favorite game to your own ecstasy. The Club has a nine-hole golf course which is the hub for adventure sports in Agra. Moreover, you get the Taj Mahal as the milieu of the golf course. The verdant golf course will welcome you with the surrounding bowed down trees that make the place worth-visiting. Even if you are not an aficionado of golf or any adventure sports, you can come here to get the succor that greenery can only gift you. The slight curlicue ground will inspire you to look beyond the horizons, to hit the ball as hard as you can so that it can reach your desired hole.

The Golf Course of Agra is situated at the Circuit House campus which is an easy drive from the city central. Many amateurs and professionals visit the place on a regular basis. The place is very popular among the overseas travelers. Because it is one of the major golf courses in North India, the golf club of Agra hosts a good number of national and international events. The amiability of the golf course staffs will also impress you for sure. The golf course is considered one of the best options for adventure sports in Agra as well as in northern India.