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Banks and ATM’s in Agra

Apart from owing some of the finest monuments in the world Agra is also known as an upcoming industrial state. The good thing about this city is that the majority of its female population is actively involved in work. It is still in the developing stage and promises good economic growth in the next 15 years. With the due assistance of the government Agra is definitely on its way to becoming one of the most developed cities in India soon.

The majority of people in Agra are engaged in cultivation, primarily of gains, sugar and other food products, as the climate of Agra is ideal for this.
Also, Agra is a famous tourist spot with Taj Mahal and other Mughal architectures being the most famous among tourists. Many people are involved in the tourist industry. With the growing importance of technology and modern industry the people in Agra are now actively involved in manufacturing, real estate, food and retail industry, heavy engineering and metallurgy.

Education is being emphasized and with advent of more schools and vocational training centers the younger generation is contributing to the GDP of Agra significantly. The employment rate in Agra is now increasing due to better preparation by the government and other related organizations.

Due to its increasing importance as a business center and manufacturing hub Agra has a umber of Banks and Atm’s. Most of the Banks and ATM’s in Agra are situated in the heart of the city or in close proximity to the various commercial centers and important tourist destinations.

Below is a list of the important ATM's in Agra

  • Citibank
    18/A/8D/1, Shop No.1, Laxmi Commercial
    Complex, Bansal Nagar, Fatehabad Road, Agra
    Pincode: 282001
  • ING Vysya Bank
    Unit No. 5 & 6, Friends Centre, Block 38/4B,
    Sanjay Place, Agra
    Pincode: 282002
  • ICICI Bank
    HPCL, Modern Service Station,
    Khoja Ki Sarai, Airport Road, Agra
    Pincode: 282008
  • ICICI Bank
    Ground Floor, 18-A-51, Fatehabad Road,
    Park Plaza, Near Howard Hotel, Agra
    Pincode: 282001
  • ICICI Bank
    Hpcl, Kargil Sahid Capt. Sunil Service
    Station,Opp Amar Ujala Press,
    National Highway 2, Agra
    Pincode: 282007
  • ICICI Bank
    C-80-4, Kamla Nagar, Agra
    Pincode: 28200
  • ICICI Bankt
    Shatrujeet CSD Canteen, Agra
    Cantonment, Agra
    Pincode: 282008
  • Canara Bank
    39/1A-U9, Vaishno Mata Complex,
    Bus Stand Road, Idgah Colony,
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce
    9-A, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
    Opp. Distt. Hospital, Chhipitola, Agra
    Pincode: 282001
  • J & K Bank
    Gamai Complex,Hind Ki Mandi,
    Municipal No. 8/213
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
    Mahatma Gandhi Road
    89, Raghunath Nagar, M. G. Road, Agra
    Pincode: 282002
  • Punjab National Bank
    Ram Bagh, Industrial Estate,
    Agra, Pincode: 282006
  • Axis Bank
    509, Army Base Workshop,
    Gwalior Road, Agra Cantonment,
    Agra Pincode: 282001

Below is a list of the important banks in Agra

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
    8-9, Raghunath Ngr, M G Road, 
    Agra – 282002
  • HDFC Bank M G Rd
    13, M G Road, Agra – 282002
  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd
    Gamai Cplx, Hind Ki Mandi,
    Muncipal No-8213, Agra Fort,
    Agra – 282003
  • ICICI Bank
    6,Santa Tower,1st Flr, Sanjay Place,
    Agra – 282002
  • Axis Bank
    Grd Flr, Jeevan Prakash Bldg,
    C-Blk, Sanjay Place, Agra – 282002
  • Federal Bank
    M G Road, Agra – 282002
  • IDBI Bank
    Padam Deep Tower,Doctor
    Shop Bldg, Sanjay Place, 
    Agra – 282002
  • HDFC Bank
    Shop No.11,Block No.17/2/9,
    Friends Plaza, Sanjay Place,
    Agra – 282002
    Phone +(91)-9319772208