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News and Events in Agra

Agra is a historic city with multi-ethnic richness. The city itself is a story-teller of the past and the versatility of the city gives birth to news and events almost every hour. News and events in Agra are abundant and the constant flow of the same never gets disrupted. The city stays in news and events happen every single day in the city of Agra. To take a slice of time, you can check out the top headlines of Agra at present;

  • News in Agra
  • Agra City Going Greener, One-Man Army Turned Into a Green Revolution

    This August, the historic city of Agra promises to go greener. The greenman behind this revolution is by profession a shoe exporter. This good man named Harbijay Singh Bahia took the first step of planting saplings in and around the city of Agra back in April. He started to approach the local people with a promise that he will plant saplings at no cost. The only assurance that e demanded from the city people that they would take utmost care of the plants, water them regularly, provide other requisites and all. The dream envisioned by Bahia has taken shape of a reality today. This is one of the major news and events in Agra.

    Python in Agra Hospital Creates Panic

    Now it’s time for a horrifying one. On Agra-Delhi Highway, Khushi hospital was awaken to panic as and when a 7 ft long python was discovered within the compound. A chemist of the hospital was the first eyewitness of the snake. He got aghast at once and called other crews who assembled within a few seconds. The aftermath was terrible. Patients screaming and awestruck and the administration standing bewildered, the gigantic reptile begot some chaos in the compound. It was the dark of the night and the python was safe-rescued next day at 11 am. It is one of the news and events in Agra that has created a sensation across the city.

    • Events in Agra
    • Events in Agra happen across the year and these events take super-colossal shape. Apart from the religious festivals, there are other events happening in and around the city that attract a good many of tourists every year.

      Taj Mahotsav

      Taj Mahotsav is one of the most celebrated events in Agra. It held in the month of February and it is indebted to the one and only Taj Mahal. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal attracts a lot of visitors by its own virtue. But the Uttar Pradesh government initiative spreads colors of festivity around the historic mansion. From elephants to camels, from gorgeous garments to folk artists’ performance, from food fiesta to dance programs, it’s a perfect joie de vivre.

      Rambarat Festival

      Rambarat Festival is the wedding ceremony of Lord Rama. It’s a 10-day long carnival and considered one of the news and events in Agra. A place of the city is chosen every year a Janakpuri which is an epic city. It is believed that Queen Sita, the better half of Lord Rama was born here. According to that belief, the rituals of marriage between Rama and Sita are observed at the place. This is a harmonious celebration and city never sleeps during these 10 days gala.